Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Gina: My Top Female Geek Bloggers and Vloggers!

Well hello there my fellow geekazoids! Happy 2013 from Geeky Femmes! 
As promised, here is our first real post to kick off our blog. Today I want to give you guys a heads up on some of my favourite female geek bloggers and vloggers, so sit back, turn off the games console and check out some of these fabulous femmes.

One would think that being a female geek on the internet wouldn't be so difficult- after all, aren't we at home in the land of ever-evolving technology? But computer technology is a constantly advancing field; with users all over the world connecting and sharing their lives via social networking websites, the net is no longer a hang out exclusively for geeks – that much is obvious when you find yourself purchasing a 'laptops for seniors' illustrated guidebook for a loved one. The sad truth is that being a female geek can be pretty tough online. This past year, female geeks have dealt with sexual assault at gaming tournaments, gender-based sexism rants by a professional comic book illustrator citing them as 'fakes' who 'don't know shit about comics' and even full-fledged hate campaigns, complete with threats of death and rape.

Despite all this unpleasantness which is an unfortunate burden of being a female geek, there are some awesome, kick-ass ladies out there who are proud and brave enough to express their inner-geek prowess! My directory to the (femme) crème de la geek is below. Ladies, we salute you!

Video gamers & Techies: 
The Frag Dolls
The Frag Dolls are an all-female team of gamers 'recruited by Ubisoft to represent their video games and promote the presence of women in the industry'. The Dolls have a YouTube channel where they upload videos of their game-play, interviews with important people in the gaming world, convention footage and give-aways. The Frag Dolls are a trailblazing, professional addition to the female geek YouTube community. 

Melonie86/ Melonie Mac
Melonie Mac is a popular self-proclaimed PC gamer extraordinaire; a title that is well-earned, with over 35,572 subscribers. She's having a positive impact in the community with her game-play videos and reviews. This super-talented gamer even built her own gaming rig!
    Anita Sarkeesian 
    Anita is primarily a pop culture critic on YouTube but is unabashedly into her video games. You may be familiar with Anita after she received the aforementioned slew of a sexism and a hate campaign upon her announcement of an upcoming video project studying women's representation in video games. Despite this disgusting show of gamer sexism, Anita remained strong and the plan is still in the works. Take a look at her informative videos.

     Adria Richards
A new discovery of mine who I was thrilled to unearth from YouTube, Adria describes herself as a 'technology evangelist'. Her videos cover a vast array of technology-related topics, featuring her 'first looks' and various pieces of software, tutorials on tech set ups, her experiences as a woman in the technology industry, and hell, even why it's important to learn how to code. What can't this woman do? For a fresh look at technology's finest, check out her YouTube channel, and her website butyou'!

      Video bloggers and Text Bloggers:
    The Flog” featuring Felicia Day 
    Felicia day creates a weekly blog on the geek and sundry YouTube channel; a collaborative project focusing on the many aspects of geekdom by an assortment of quirky YouTubers. Felicia's blog is always witty and interesting with a wide variety of content. From Steampunk photo shoots to a day at comic con and yes, you guessed it, driving a bulldozer, The Flog is a great weekly series with adventure to boot. 

Albinwonderland is an intelligent, articulate femme and feminist YouTuber whose videos share her opinions on topics such as self-acceptance, and discrimination of those with unusual body modifications. A quick scroll through her Tumblr affirms her love for many things geeky, and her videos of both Slut Walk and Zombie Walk proclaim her enjoyment of feminist and nerdy interests. Check her out putting Tony Harris in his place on her “fake geek girls” video!

Two Nerdy History Girls
Loretta Chase and Susan Holloway Scott write a blog about all things historical, from books with a historical slant to information on old customs of historical society, these ladies are not ashamed to geek out about history. I suggest you grab a cup of tea before sitting down to the antique delights of Two Nerdy History Girls!

So there you have it! A selection of the interwebz' finest female geeks, nerding out about video games